The Devastating Truth

Day in and day out, the deadly chimes of Amber Alerts control my phone. As I am in school, the dreaded tunes flood my classroom. As I wash the dishes, I feel the countertop buzz with a warning. The continuous and never-ending alerts I receive bring me pain and fear. Who in their right mind would kidnap a nine-year-old and traumatize them for the rest of their life? Who would have such a lack of sympathy that they view children as mere objects? What profit is worth this disgusting practice? The devastating truth of the matter is that the wicked men and women in this world don’t see these actions as immoral, and they don’t have any remorse for the children.

Recently, I have been binge-watching Criminal Minds. The subjects conveyed through that show largely pertain to the topic at hand. To put it frankly, the sociopaths and psychopaths of the world will not stop until they are stopped. However, with awareness, we can prevent the mass of children who become trafficked daily.

To put the situation in perspective, 79,000 children are trafficked annually in Texas alone! This illegal trade is a $9.8 billion industry. Thousands of children are lost daily due to the individuals who find profit more important than lives, morals, and the goodness of their souls. There will always be these types of people in this world. Now, this may be extremely frightening, but it is a serious topic.

Parents, continue to protect your kids. Know where they are, keep eyes on them at all times, and never let them wander. Teach stranger danger methods to your kids, the buddy system, and avoid situations where they may be alone with an adult—even if this is a neighbor or an acquaintance. You can never be too careful.

To everyone, I also recommend finding videos or classes that teach you some self-defense moves based upon leverage and position (as opposed to strength). There are also several “self-defense kits” out there that are great little things to keep on you at all times: pepper spray, a small knife (only if you know how to use it), a personal emergency alarm (not a car alarm), a whistle, and many other objects. I’ve found a great kit here:

Written by Caroline G.