Spreading Love!

As you may know, whether you dread or anticipate the day, Valentine’s Day is approaching. What a perfect day to show others your love and appreciation! Personally, I am excited for the day where I am able to give gifts, candy, and appreciation for my significant other while also showing my love to my family and friends. At this time, I believe we are obsessed with the notion that Valentine’s Day is for couples exclusively. This is far from the truth. Whether it be flowers, candy, or notes, my family and friends always show appreciation for each other during this holiday—obviously not in a lovey-dovey way—but it is the perfect day to spread love to everyone!

Luke 6:32 states, “If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners love those who love them.” It is incredibly easy to love our significant others, family members, close friends, and our favorite teachers, but it is extremely difficult to show appreciation for the school bully, the strict teacher, or a stranger, but it is what God calls us to do. So during this day of love, candy, and joy, I challenge you to show appreciation for someone you may not like. Now, obviously, you do not want to be frivolous and send them the wrong message nor creep them out, so do not send numerous valentines and stuffed bears to their house. Rather than that, maybe wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day, wave to them in the hallway, or help them with a homework assignment. Whatever services or simple acts of kindness we perform allow us to be closer to the love Jesus has for us. Jesus loves everyone no matter how sinful or hateful they may be. He died for us to live in tranquility and service for him. This service simply comes from loving others in whatever way possible. So, this Valentine’s Day, branch out, be welcoming, and, as always, spread God’s love!

Written by Caroline G.