Television likes to teach us that lies are okay if they’re intended to save someone we care about from the trouble of sadness. But that’s just not true. Proverbs 12:19 says, “Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment.” Jesus calls us to tell the truth, regardless of our situation. We must own up to both the good and bad that we have committed in life, and that brings us closer to repentance.

Jesus tells His followers that He is “the truth,” and no one can get to heaven unless they go through Him. If we take this apart a bit, Jesus is essentially telling us that we must be honest with ourselves and Him before we can get to heaven. Honesty goes hand in hand with repentance, for we can’t truly confess our sins if we don’t tell the truth about them!

I hope you know this already, but when you confess your sins through prayer, it feels so GOOD! The truth sets you free! Once you own up to what you’ve done in life, tell God about it, and apologize in truth, it feels so amazing. God will take any burdens you have if you just allow Him to do so; He can carry the whole universe for you!

And another thing: once you confess with full sincerity, you’re good! God forgives you! You don’t need to feel like a horrible person because you lied to your parents about that party or that guy you like. This brings me to another point, though: you need to tell the truth to those you’ve lied to as well.

Apologizing and telling the truth to the people you’ve wronged is just as important as confessing to God. The people you talk to may get angry and upset, but they should forgive you if you are sincere and tell them the whole truth. You may get in trouble; it may take a while to rebuild that relationship, but with the help of God and truth, you can make it!

I urge you to tell the truth to God and anyone you’ve lied to in the past. This will help you repent and feel less burdened because you can fully commit to loving the Lord and serving Him through serving others!

Here’s today’s poem, entitled “Unburdened”:

The truth may hurt

Deep down inside,

But it is much better than the dirt

Of the snake who has lied.

“Repent and release!”

Cries the Prince of Light.

“It will bring you great peace

In your very own right!”

Be honest, be true;

Give God your whole life.

You won’t be sorry when you

See God take your strife!

The truth sets you free,

The Bible does say,

So take up my plea

And keep the darkness at bay!

Thanks for reading through my article! I really appreciate it! I hope you have a blessed day and start thinking about what truth means to you!

Written by Makayla B.

Makayla is a high school senior who loves to write poetry and devour books. She believes you can learn something new every day, whether it's through school or your own experience. In her free time, Makayla likes to practice floral design and be with her family. She is also an aspiring author and English teacher. Click here to learn more about Makayla.

Art by Kaylee L.

Click here to learn more about Kaylee.