Natural Courage

When I think of the word “courage,” the lion from The Wizard of Oz comes to mind. He says that he’s meek and cowardly, but the wizard shows him that he could have been courageous and brave all along.

We can take a lesson from that: there is courage inside of everyone. Yes, that means you, too. And the thing is, courage is within us all of the time, even when we don’t think we need it—like when we’re really happy or having a great day. In fact, on great days like that, your courage is even more natural! Your happiness shows that you are so courageous to love yourself and those around you with ease!

Courage often gets lumped into days of sorrow or struggle, but I don’t believe that shows the full picture of what courage is. Courage is loving yourself, loving God without any doubts, standing up for your friends, or speaking your mind. All of those are such positive things that require an insane amount of bravery!

And at that time, we may forget times in which you may need courage: physically protecting yourself, turning away from deep temptations that come from places of sadness or letting yourself cry.

Both the positive and negative associations of courage are pieces of your humanity and your walk with God. God is showing you through those positive times that things can be so wonderful, reflecting His beauty and love. In times of sadness and negativity, God shows you that He will give you the strength you need to carry on.

I have this necklace in my room that I got from an award in the first grade. It says, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified or discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” This verse is from Joshua 1:9. I believe it perfectly encapsulates the meaning of this post.

Throughout all of your life, you must remember to pray for courage, and God will answer. It may be in the form of a feel-good day, or it could come after a really horrible day. Remembering the constant presence of courage in your life can help remind you that God is always with you—in every hour, minute, and second. He is always here.

With every post that I write, I am going to include a little poem at the end to further highlight my theme. Maybe if prose doesn’t resonate with you, a bit of semi-sappy poetry will. This poem is entitled “Bravery Shines”:

In times of love, we soar on air

And think how no life can compare,

And at that time, we may forget

There are things out there to make us fret.

So remember now, no matter how you feel

That courage comes in a godly seal.

In love or pain or sadness or joy,

Make yourself more than a meek little toy.

Take pride in yourself, the strongest form of brave

As I encourage you to take the path God gave;

Take the path of self-love and faith

Before you meet that devilish wraith.

Courage comes in many kinds,

And a great kind is knowing that your light always shines.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope that this positivity and courage will spread like a wildfire! I love all of y’all so much and wish the best for you!

Written by Makayla B.

Makayla is a high school senior who loves to write poetry and devour books. She believes you can learn something new every day, whether it's through school or your own experience. In her free time, Makayla likes to practice floral design and be with her family. She is also an aspiring author and English teacher. Click here to learn more about Makayla.

Illustrated by Carson B.