Discipline on the Court

Proverbs 29:11 states, “Fools give full vent to their rage but the wise bring calm in the end.” Upon reading this verse, the sad truth is, I immediately thought of myself and how I portray myself on the basketball court. When I miss a free-throw, turn the ball over, or miss the opportunity for a wide-open shot or miraculous assist, I boil over in anger. I long for perfect games with high percentage shots, a small number of turnovers, and a synchronous team. Of course, perfection is impossible, but try telling me that after missing all of my shots.

This past week, my team and I played against a team in our district. The win was inevitable, but the process of winning itself was disastrous. My poor performance angered me, and my bad attitude was utterly disturbing and discouraging. Rather than dwell in our perceived failures, I should have been grateful for the win and encouraged my teammates with the highlights of the game. As a team captain, my attitude should be more positive, and I should exhibit the self-discipline every leader needs to have to support my team with positivity and kindness. Naturally, I am human, and I will continue to feel angry about losses and poor performance of my own, but I need to work on my discipline to convert this anger into hard work and focus rather than negative comments.

This weekend, my team and I will be playing incredibly talented teams within our district. These games are my chance to improve my attitude and self-discipline. As Proverbs states, if I want to become a wise leader for my team, I need to portray calmness even when I feel distressed about the details of the game. Being a self-disciplined player will aid my team’s attitudes, confidence, and overall performance. If I want to be a successful captain, I need to control my emotions and be a leader on the court in every way perceivable. With God’s help, this goal is achievable. I encourage you, as well, to analyze your life. How can self-discipline help you and others? How will control and calmness make me a better follower?

Written by Caroline G.