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How is pornography connected?

According to Cambridge University, "Brains addicted to pornography light up in brain scans just like the cocaine addict's brain."


When you view pornography, the brain is flooded with dopamine, a pleasure chemical that activates the reward pathway in the brain and reinforces your brain to want to return to that activity. 


You become hooked because your brain is telling you it wants more and while watching it, a new brain pathway is being formed.


That means that pornography literally changes your brain. 

"Viewing porn over time, causes your brain to form new neuropathways. The more you view it, the stronger those pathways become. That flood of dopamine in your brain overloads your receptors and eventually, you need harder stuff and more of it to get the same high. This is the exact same experience heroin addicts have when they talk about chasing the first high,"

-Chris Simon, a certified sex addiction therapist


Mindblowing Facts: A teen’s brain releases up to four times the amount of dopamine as an adult so a teen is more likely to become addicted.


No wonder the Porn Industry works so hard trying to trick teens into viewing pornography! They want them to become hooked and life-long customers (and why they are making BILLIONS of dollars every year).


  • Girls are addicted, not just boys.

  • Kids as young as 7 and 8 are so badly addicted to pornography that their parents have had to put them in therapy.

  • Sexual brain pathways always choose pixels not people.

  • Young men addicted to porn are now incapable of having sex with real women including their wives.

  • When you’re addicted to pornography, sexting is no big deal.

  • Forcing someone to have sex seems normal.

  • Pornography is the "Jet Fuel" for sex trafficking.

  • Approximately 20 new children appear on the porn sites every month, many have been kidnapped or sold into sex slavery.

  • Slave porn makes up the vast majority of pornography available today.

  • When you watch porn, YOU are part of the problem.

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