Volunteer Opportunities

beLydia Illustrator

Our illustrators create art for our blog posts. This art does not generally contain words; the focus is on the image. We have a color scheme that you would need to follow, consisting of 11 colors that you can pick and choose, and assignments are general descriptions that you can interpret wherever the wind takes you (ex. "Draw a girl sitting patiently in prayer with a COVID-19 mask on: 6in. by 4in. (horizontal)"). There are deadlines given well in advance. Art must be created digitally (like on Procreate or a similar app).

beLydia Instagram Graphic Designer

Our graphic designers create graphics and art for our Instagram page. Options include lettering, illustrating, Canva graphics--the options are pretty endless. Your creations do need to be digital and in square dimensions (created on Procreate, Canva, or similar applications), and there are general prompts you would sign up to do (ex. "Hope," Friendship," "Trafficking Statistic(s)," etc.). We also have a specific color scheme that you need to follow, consisting of 11 colors that you can pick and choose. Every deadline is given well in advance, and you get to choose how many posts you make. One of our captioners will even caption for you, so all you have to worry about is the art/design!

beLydia Blog Writer

Ideally, you would write at least one article a month, either on our monthly faith-based topic, advice/confidence-building, or awareness/prevention. You would submit it on a Google Classroom page or sent it to our editor, and she will post your article. You get to choose your schedule and post topic(s).

beLydia Ambassador

This program has not been built out very much yet, so you would be one of the first to pioneer the Open Hearts Ambassador program! Our vision is to have people fundraise for beLydia and advertise for us. You can work with a team or on your own, and you will have some points of contact in beLydia leadership to help you along the way. You could also receive some beLydia/Open Hearts merchandise to help spread awareness.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please fill out the contact form below:

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