The Full Story

Open Hearts started with a conversation where the beLydia team wondered why so many girls were getting tricked by predators.

Online, at school, at the mall, girls are tricked by people they know. They trust them as friends, boyfriends, teachers, coaches, mentors, and they are tricked into sextortion or child sex trafficking. 

beLydia came to the conclusion that if girls knew who they were in God's eyes, if they knew they were loved and chosen and set apart, they would be less likely to be tricked.

Fact: Girls that are confident are less likely to be tricked by predators.

This blog is written by girls for other girls to learn how to stay safe and to learn how to be more confident.


Goal: For girls to know Christ and to be closer to the Lord, and use their gifts to help make the world a better place.

About Open Hearts

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